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Halloween happens on Main Street

By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

Each year, 41 million kids from all around the U.S. go trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Many places tack on additional celebrations as a way to ensure that everyone gets the perfect amount of candy, costume, and fun for the holiday. On Saturday, October 26, the children of Walpole gathered to trick or treat around the center of town.

At 9:30, costumed kids seemed to appear at Blackburn Hall as if out of thin air. Of the many different costumes, the most popular seemed to be characters from Disney’s “Toy Story,” including many variations of Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, and Woody.

Before the kids went trick-or-treating, they were invited to do some crafts and activities. A few kids dressed as cavemen enjoyed trying to knock over cans to win a prize, while others spent their time decorating a Halloween-themed frisbee. Owen, who dressed as a fireman, and Lucy, who dressed as a police officer, enjoyed playing with their friends before they began their trek.


Led by Batman in the Batmobile, kids and their parents made their way down Main Street to begin collecting their treats. With a guide for which businesses were participating, parents guided their kids to Walpole’s storefronts. A group of ninjas travelled together, gathering their candy while a father and daughter, dressed as an astronaut and a rocket, blasted off to find their treats. One family went all out, turning a child’s play-car into a motorized pirate ship that they carefully steered up Main Street. A little girl in a stroller dressed up as a cowgirl, while her large dog had wore a saddle instead of a harness.

Businesses also got into the mood too, dressing up in costume. One individual dressed up as one of the Ghostbusters, while another booth was manned by the Cat in the Hat and Cruella De Ville. The event seemed just as fun for those handing out candy as it is for the kids.

Asked what her favorite part of the event was, Walpole Co-operative Bank’s Courtney Adams did not hesitate: “Looking at all the kids costumes and having a fun time. And the parents too!”

For parents, kids, and business owners, the event served as a good way to celebrate Halloween with friends and family before the actual holiday. It was the perfect way to prep for an evening of candy and fun.

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