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Snow Sisters visit Sherborn kids

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By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

It is every girl’s dream to meet her favorite fairy-tale princess. On Saturday, January 11, some of those dreams came true as dozens of kids visited to the Sherborn Library to meet the Snow Sisters. The princesses came with stories, songs, and more for the kids in attendance.

Children arrived at the Sherborn Community Center and ran straight up the stairs, their parents following closely behind. Many of the kids came dressed up as princesses themselves, or a their favorite fairytale character. The children bolted through the doors. Standing in front of the stage were the Snow Sisters, who greeted them, giving them royal waves and saying hello before launching into the story of their travels.

It isn’t often that a visitor at the library can make a bunch of rambunctious children completely quiet, but the Snow Princesses had every single child entranced. Following their story, the princesses began to sing some songs. Most of the audience knew the words to the songs, and quietly mouthed along, but many were far too awed to sing as loud as their idols. Others sang quietly as the princesses led them through song after song. During one of the songs, the shyer of the two sisters encouraged the kids to participate: “Alright can I see you build up those ice castles?” she implored the audience. The kids, in turn, began to imitate the princess, moving their arms and hands as if they were constructing their own palaces.

Sisters Annie, 4, and Natalie, 2, were ecstatic to meet the Snow sisters.

Sisters Annie, 4, and Natalie, 2, were ecstatic to meet the Snow sisters.

As they finished their sing-along, the Snow Princesses invited the kids to come up, grab a picture and chat.

This is the second year that the Sherborn Library, currently housed in the Sherborn Community Center, has hosted the princesses. “It’s wintertime and people love the ‘Frozen’ story and to dress up like princess and just come and have fun,” said Children’s Librarian Cheryl Ouellette.

The visit to the Sherborn Library was just another day for the Snow Princesses. But for the kids in the room, it was like living through their favorite movie. Years from now, these kids will remember how, on one magical Saturday, they got to meet their favorite princesses.

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