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First Sherborn Friendstoberfest a hit

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By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

Supporters of the Sherborn Library travelled to Powisset Farm on Friday, October 4, to celebrate Friendstoberfest. A social Oktoberfest-themed fundraiser put on by the Friends of the Sherborn Library, the event was held in lieu of the group’s annual Friendsgiving celebration.

Despite the cold weather, people came out in droves to enjoy some great food, music, and good company. As guests arrived, they picked up green German Alpine hats, so everyone could be dressed for the Bavarian-themed festivities. The guests were prepared for the cold with gloves and jackets, ready for fun.

As they entered, guests could enter different raffles, including the chance to win a cooking class at the Powisset Farm. Guests feeling a bit too chilly visited the food area, where they could fill their complementary Friendstoberfest steins with a variety of local beers or wines - perfect for the German theme of the evening. Some guests moved to grab some food, including German salad, chicken, and pretzel bites, accompanied by beer cheese. Other guests grabbed bratwursts supplied by Powisset Farm. The potato pancakes with applesauce and sour cream were perfect for guests with a sweet tooth.

The party area was lit up with strings of lights and tiki torches, making it a perfect spot for festivities. Having grabbed drinks and food, attendees made their way to the tent, where they sat and enjoyed a wonderful local bluegrass band, the Railroad House Band.

The Railroad House filled the night with music.

The Railroad House filled the night with music.

Friends Scott Johnson, Angie Johnson, Courtney Williams, and Mark Williams enjoyed the chilly night under the tent. “The food is amazing. I love the potato pancakes,” said Angie Johnson. Others indulged in some rounds of cornhole or admired - and in some cases, took selfies with - the cardboard cutout of famous German actor David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff.

The first Friendstoberfest event proved a worthy and spirited successor to Friendsgiving.

“I just love bringing everybody together. It’s so fun to see so many faces, new and old, all getting together,” said Aimee Cronin, who helped plan the event. “That we’re supporting and featuring everybody who’s local and in the community.”

The Friends of the Sherborn Library hosted yet another successful party. Attendees, meanwhile, had a night to remember. Whether it was the fantastic food, the music, the countless friendly neighbors, or the cardboard cutout of David Hasselhoff that stood out the most for them, the guests at Powisset Farm were already looking forward to next year’s iteration of Friendstoberfest.

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