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The covert Currier Reservation beckons

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly staff

Adjacent to the golf course and between Booth Drive and Downey Street resides Currier Reservation. Tucked away, the preserve is known by locals, and the quaint trail is truly a hidden gem — emphasis on the hidden, as I passed by it a couple of times whilst looking for entry. Parking is sparse. I found my way at the golf course and walked, though there are spots on Downey Street, off the side of the road next to a metal gate that blocks off the trail.

I arrived at 5 p.m. and immediately swapped my earphones for the soundtrack of the breeze and chirping of birds. Leaves crunched under my feet and I inhaled the scent of fresh soil. I felt festive for the approaching autumn for the first time in over a few years; COVID has robbed many of us of time away to enjoy such refreshing simplicity. The familiar sights and smells led me down a path of spray paint-marked trees.

The trees offered an abundance of shade, for the most part. Past the maples and pines, I came across a quiet clearing about a quarter-mile from the entrance — it would be an ideal spot for an autumn picnic or a game of frisbee with the dog. The grass there was lush, just starting to brown in particularly sunny patches. Birds flocked in and out of trees, but aside from their tweeting, I was alone. I took comfort in that fact, stopping along the path. I’m glad I did; I found various mushrooms, including gorgeous turkey tails, prince mushrooms, and scaly wood mushrooms. 

An algae-filled pond resides along the trail. Its stillness contrasted with the slight wind on the day, which was picking up as sun remained tucked away behind clouds. Fragmented through branches, the rays of sunlight beamed on the outskirts of the pond. I was hoping to find a frog or two hopping around, but I’ll have to save that for next time.

There was plenty to explore at Currier Reservation at summer’s end — from my perspective, it foreshadowed a tiny, tantalizing sliver of the upcoming autumn just waiting to come into full force.

Its trails beckon anew as the season properly arrives in the coming weeks.

To find a trail map of Currier Reservation, visit

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