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The covert Currier Reservation beckons

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly staff

Adjacent to the golf course and between Booth Drive and Downey Street resides Currier Reservation. Tucked away, the preserve is known by locals, and the quaint trail is truly a hidden gem — emphasis on the hidden, as I passed by it a couple of...

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Community Trails braves rain at Sen-Ki

Because of the rain, the group hiking at Sen-Ki was made up of the core group of Westwood Community Trails hikers.

By James Kinneen
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Westwood Community Trails is a DPW and Recreation Department financed program of guided hikes designed to allow...

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Walpole Trails reaches out to Norwood

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By James Kinneen Hometown Weekly Reporter Considering how little town lines and borders on the map matter to the natural world, it only makes sense that neighboring towns work with each other on issues like reserved land, hunting, fishing, and the preservation of hiking trails. But with politics being what it is, that’s not always...
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Walpole resident Chiodo an Eagle Scout

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On September 22, Walpole resident John Chiodo was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout by the Boy Scouts of America at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremony. Eagle Scout is the highest Boy Scout rank. Nationally, only 4 percent of Boy Scouts attain this esteemed recognition. The path to Eagle Scout requires...
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