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Senior Moments chorus carols in Walpole

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By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

On Saturday, December 14, visitors came to the Walpole Library to enjoy some seasonal carols. Though this is a normal sight throughout the holidays, this chorus was made completely of people above the age of sixty. Together, this chorus presented a memorable holiday concert perfect for all ages.

Every member of the chorus donned a white shirt. All of the female members of the chorus wore matching red scarves, while all of the men wore santa hats and red bow ties. With every seat in the audience filled, the chorus was ready to begin. They began with a rendition of “Joy to the World.” The captivated audience listened and sang along with words provided in the program for the sing-along songs.

The group made its way through each song, adding a little commentary as they went. “I don’t know about you, but I’m glad it doesn’t look like a winter wonderland out there,” said one of the chorus members as they began to sing “Winter Wonderland.” After finishing the song, the group changed the mood and sang the slower “Mary’s Little Boy Child.” The soft hum of singing and the strum of a guitar got louder and louder.

The “Twelve Days of Christmas” had the entire audience giggling. “If you watch the choir up here, they’ll help you with the 12 days,” announced one of the members before they resumed singing. Another member held up a sign of a partridge to represent the first line. The sign for “four calling birds” consisted of four blackbirds sitting on a rotary phone, making everyone who saw it laugh.

The choir moved on to singing “Feliz Navidad.” A member of the chorus pointed out that the song was a special request by chorus member Tony, who couldn’t come for the performance.

Following the performance, the winner of the raffle was announced. William Noyes, grandson of chorus member Edith Noyes, won the Christmas goose. As Noyes was handed the new decoration, other audience members went to the reception table to grab a couple cookies before leaving.

Whether they were in the chorus singing or in the audience singing (and laughing) along, everyone left feeling a bit more joyful and festive. 

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