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Toddlers loved Peasley Valentine’s concert

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Staff

Toddlers were sure not to miss their favorite local entertainer last Thursday morning at the Walpole library.

Stacey Peasley returned for a solo appearance, guitar in hand, ready to showcase some new songs, as well as getting the kids dancing to their favorite well-known tunes. Post-Valentine’s Day, Peasley donned a heart-patterned sweater and had a few fun seasonal props to accompany her.

Peasley had to compete with abnormally beautiful weather, but the crowd prevailed. “I was worried I’d lose everybody to the playground since it’s so nice out this morning!” she joked before breaking into her “Hello Song.” “Laughing is definitely allowed,” she explained, taking note of children giggling in the front row. Kids joined hands with friends and caregivers. The simple acoustic beats prompted kids to move around and experience the silly songs with their own expansive imaginations.

She then taught “Love Somebody” as a singalong to the audience. Asking the audience to name someone they love, she incorporated the young ones’ feedback into appreciative lyrics. The song rounded out to include the love of siblings, grandparents, animals, and friends, as well as oneself. Peasley’s songs are crafted from a parent’s perspective. The songwriter clearly hasn’t forgotten the joy of being a child, either.

Continuing the bubbly vibe, “Sing a Happy Song” had kids jumping high and humming along. Peasley introduced seasonal props, such as Valentine’s hearts with dance moves written on them. She began “There’s a Little Wheel Turning in my Heart,” and kids slithered like snakes, buzzed like bees, and pretended to drive a car along with her.

Peasley’s “Dinosaur Song” is always a top hit, too. Kids were flying, running, and roaring to their favorite prehistoric song. The collaborative artist wanted to make some music with the young crowd. Maracas, tambourines, bells, and wooden sticks all made great introductory instruments for kids. “Play in my Band” gave kids the opportunity to play alongside Peasley with their own instrument. Bell jingles and tambourine shakes enriched the delightful number.

Peasley is a regular at the Walpole Public Library and makes monthly appearances. Keep up with her and the library’s upcoming events by visiting the online calendar.

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