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Sherborn Library construction underway

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Construction is underway on the Sherborn Library’s exciting renovation and expansion project. Just a few short weeks after the library’s groundbreaking ceremony, evidence of work is already apparent on the site. The general contractor for the project, Five Star Building Corp., has fenced the work area, placed a construction trailer on the site, and is coordinating interior demolition, electrical work, installation of alarm systems, necessary tree protection and removal, and ledge removal to make way for the library addition.

“No blasting will be performed to remove the ledge,” explained John Sayre-Scibona of Design Technique, Inc., owner’s project manager. “Instead, neighbors may hear noise from hydraulic excavators with specialty attachments for the breaking and removal of the ledge. This will be a noisy operation that might last several weeks, depending on how difficult it is to remove this material.”

Removal of the ledge and rock is necessary to make way for the library addition. Upstairs, this new space will include a dedicated children’s room, with child-accessible book stacks, tables and chairs for young readers and a new “tree house” program room designed to draw in natural light and create a sense of open environment. The addition’s lower level will house a community hall and gallery as well as adjacent conference rooms. Spaces in the lower level are designed with windows for natural light and will be accessible through a doorway permitting after-hours entry.

On site, construction vehicles and personnel are parking in a safe, temporary lot created on the town parcel adjacent to Town Hall to minimize disruption to the town campus. Traffic flow directional signs have been installed to make it safer for employees, visitors and pedestrians to navigate the campus during construction. “If it were possible to complete this work without some disruption, it would be ideal,” reflected Mary Moore, Chair of the Board of Trustees. “But since that’s not possible, we appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience... and remind ourselves that the renovated and expanded library will serve the social, cultural and informational needs of the entire Sherborn community – children as well as teens, adults and seniors – attractively, comfortably and effectively for decades to come!”

The Sherborn Library has relocated to its temporary home across Sanger Street at the Sherborn Community Center, where it will remain during the construction phase of the project. In its new home, the library has resumed regular hours. It is estimated that the library will be ready to re-open late December 2017 or early January 2018.

For more information about the renovation project, to view renderings and project FAQs, and to review minutes from the LBC and Trustee meetings, visit the library website at Project updates can also be found at

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