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Sherborn celebrates with antique car showcase

By Riley Fontana

Hometown Weekly Reporter

Sherborn's 350th Anniversary celebration included a classic car show at Lauren Fields, highlighting vintage farm equipment. Organized by the Sherborn Fund, the event attracted numerous attendees who gathered on the grass to admire antique automobiles.

Featuring a variety of vehicles that once played integral roles in the town's operations, the showcase included old tractors, grocery delivery cars, army vehicles, fire trucks, and more. Sherborn residents were encouraged to exhibit their own classic cars alongside these displays.

Several retired Army Jeeps and fire trucks were accessible to children, offering them opportunities to explore as owners detailed the vehicles' community service roles. Information about the Jeep's previous owner and its combat history was displayed, while attendees could examine the fire trucks' equipment and engage active firefighters in discussions about their functions.

Private collections showcased a range of cars, spanning from 1930s Model A trucks to meticulously restored muscle cars. Owners stationed beside their vehicles eagerly shared stories and answered questions, some being prominent community members such as teachers, eager to impart their enthusiasm to students and parents.

Unlike many car shows tailored to adult collectors, the Sherborn Antique Car Show embraced a family-friendly atmosphere with light music and various activities for children.

This event fostered community cohesion through a shared appreciation for classic cars and their preservation, offering an avenue for neighbors to connect in a unique and engaging manner.

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