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Dover Library welcomes fall programs

By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

The Dover Town Library (DTL) is preparing for fall and for new experiences.

Starting September 12, children at the Dover Library will take part in a new storytime, running from 3-5 p.m. For four weeks, the kids who sign up will participate in storytime and then do an art project.

On September 10, Chief Peter McGowan will be leading local hero storytime. “It’s a very popular event that we do each fall,” explains Head of Children’s Services Nancy Tegeler. Chief McGowan will be back each month for half an hour of storytime fun.

As it does every school year, the library seems prepared to handle the influx of kids coming to visit on half days. On September 18 at 2:00 p.m., the library will host a showing of “The Secret Life of Pets 2,” an adorable animated film about the lives of our favorite furry friends. On September 25, kids will get a chance to make a little robot-esque creature capable of doing little tricks, including drawing. Kids will be given direction for how to put it together, but how they design their critters will be completely up to them.

With October right around the corner, the library is excited to be bringing out its third annual pumpkin contest. Children visiting the Dover Library are welcomed to “check out” one of the available pumpkins. Each pumpkin comes with a barcode that is scanned and reveals a due date. Kids are then asked go decorate their pumpkin and to bring it in by the assigned due date. Pumpkins will then be voted on and eligible for prizes and other spooky goodies to celebrate the spirit of Halloween.

For the first time, the library will also be running a joint program alongside the Woburn Library. Kids who sign up will learn the ins and outs of digital publishing, as well as the satisfaction of publishing their own book.

Adults will be happy to know that there are some exciting new programs planned for them, as well. Appropriately, given this summer’s heightened shark activity, the library will be hosting "Gray Seals and Great White Sharks of Cape Cod" on September 17, during which attendees will learn all about these apex predators and their prey.

The adult programs are not confined to science, however. On October 2, the library will be welcoming Cathy Ripley-Greene, a medium, to talk about her work. She’ll even be providing a few readings for audience members.

Whether you’re interested in creating something, or excited to learn about something completely new, there seems to be something for everyone this autumn at the DTL.

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