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Big Fish at SCC

By Audrey Anderson

Hometown Weekly Reporter

The Dover-Sherborn Summer Drama Program presented the lively Broadway musical “Big Fish” at the Sherborn Community Center (SCC) from August 23 to August 26. The show featured a talented cast of over 30 performers and a live orchestra, and was performed “in the round,” with two rows of seating close to the action on all four sides of the stage.

A father-son relationship was central to the story, which focused on the fantastic tales the father, Edward Bloom told about his earlier years. A traveling salesman with a wild imagination, Edward Bloom’s stories featured a mermaid, a witch, a giant, a circus, and other exaggerated elements. His son, Will Bloom, felt that he never got to know the real story of his father’s life, but gradually learns that his father told him these stories to provide him with a sense of hope and wonder.

The talented main cast and ensemble brought Bloom’s multiple stories to life with several costume changes, and spirited dancing and singing. Jonah Brown, as Edward Bloom, was outstanding as the storyteller, combining a solid Alabama accent with strong singing and spirited folk dancing. Alex Chen used his strong voice and stage presence to portray Will. Renée Poblenz, as Sandra Bloom, was charming, as the wife and mother, with a girl-next door smile and a sweet, pure vocal tone.

The audience was swept up in the action since everyone was sitting so close to the stage. They felt the energy from the dancing and singing of the ensemble taking place a few feet in front of them. The orchestra added so much atmosphere to the show, since the score included many genres of music to support the varied stories in the story.

In all, the Dover-Sherborn Summer Drama Program presented an entertaining show, with solid characters, exciting choreography, brilliant costuming, and great performers.

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