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Westwood flocks to Greek Fest

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By Robby McKittrick
Hometown Weekly Reporter

St. Mark of Ephesus Orthodox Cathedral recently hosted its fourth annual Greek Fest for the town of Westwood.

The event took place all day on Saturday, September 15, and Sunday, September 16. Crowds of families, couples, and friends came to the festival to experience an authentic Greek meal, music, desserts, and Greek culture.

“I think it’s a wonderful thing for Westwood to have something like this,” said Westwood resident Babbie Wells. “The food is so good [and] the people are very friendly.”

In addition to having traditional Greek meals, the festival also included Greek music, a bounce-house, beer and wine, and an option to tour and learn more about the church.

The Greek Fest is run by the St. Mark’s pastor, Father George Kamberidis. Father George explained the reasons for hosting this event.

“First and foremost, it’s a fundraiser for the church,” Father George said. “[However], it’s also to show our people a little bit more of our culture, our dance, [and] our food … It’s a way for our church and our community to give back and present ourselves and show our hospitality and faith.”

Like Wells, the other Westwood residents only had positive things to say about the festival.

“We love it,” said first-timer Jeanne Rawson. “The food has been fantastic, we love to watch Greek dancing, and the music [is great].”

Many of the Norwood residents at the event attended the festival in past years. For example, Wells has attended Greek Fest for three years, and every year, she buys the chicken skewers.

“These chicken skewers are the best chicken skewers I have ever had,” she said.

In addition to the chicken, the event offered numerous authentic Greek foods, such as the gyro, souvlaki, moussaka, and pastitsio.

Father George explained the most popular Greek dish every year at the festival.

“Records show that the most popular thing is the gyro,” he said. “But, of course, people know the other stuff too, the more traditional ones, like the pastitsio or the moussaka.”

Greek Fest is well-attended each year, and its attendance is only increasing in numbers.

“It is a great success,” said Father George. “Every year it’s been growing … We anticipate having a bigger weekend than last year.”

“Last year I came at five or six, and it was hard to find a table,” Well said.

Father George expressed his gratitude for the town of Westwood.

“The town has been wonderful. They are happy we are here holding this event, but we are thankful and blessed to be a part of Westwood. We have been here for five years now, and it seems like we have been here forever.”

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