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Ed the Wizard wows at Walpole Library

By Daniel Curtin
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Young children came to the Walpole Library last Monday to watch Ed the Wizard perform feats of magic using his cauldron and regular household items.

The event, which kicked off the summer reading program at the library, had about 50 people in attendance watching the science-based magic show, “Ed the Wizard and his Alchemy Laboratory.” Ed went through the different methods behind his magic tricks so the attendees would be able to learn them and use them at home or with friends. He also gave the kids a brief introduction to alchemy, a medieval precursor to chemistry that revolved around attempting to turn base metals into pure gold.

Young volunteers from the audience relished the opportunity to help perform some of the magic tricks with various household items, including balloons, hair dryers, and a ladle.

Ed the Wizard, who has been working as a wizard full time since 2006, was inspired to get into the magic industry after the first “Harry Potter” book came out.

Ed the Wizard helps a young volunteer from the audience with a magic trick.  Photos by Daniel Curtin

Ed the Wizard helps a young volunteer from the audience with a magic trick. Photos by Daniel Curtin

“I grew up as Ed the cousin, the brother, the friend, the dad that knew some magic, like a lot people might. But 20 years ago when the first ‘Harry Potter’ came out, I was inspired by the character Dumbledore,” Ed said. “That’s when I said to my wife: ‘Wife I’m going to be a wizard.’”

Jani Barrett, who was in attendance at the library watching the show with her granddaughter, thought it was a worthwhile show for the kids.

“I think it’s very important for them to learn things about science, how they can incorporate it and how they can read about it. It’s very exciting, it’s a good way to kick off the summer program,” Barrett said.

Ed believes magic is a useful way to get the kids interested in science, as well as literacy.

“It’s all about imagination - when is real, and when is not real. That’s why I tell them in the beginning, it’s like ‘Harry Potter’ meets science,” said Ed.

“The kids just love it.”

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