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Kids make magic at library

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Staff

Ed the Wizard made an appearance at Walpole Public Library on Monday afternoon, July 11, where he crafted an impromptu book of camping-related magic tricks to go along with this year’s summer reading theme, “Beyond the Beaten Path”. Far from a garden-variety magic show, Ed’s presentation was notable in that it both encouraged and instructed kids to make magic of their own, wherever they are.

Billy and Timmy execute the disappearing toothpick trick perfectly.

For his first trick, Ed took a six-sided multicolored cube and asked for a volunteer. The volunteer picked a color, showed it to the audience and hid it from Ed. Ed was able to pick the color of the cube each time. 

When asked, “how do you do it?” Ed took young magicians outside and whispered the secrets of the trick — because, as any good magician knows, you have to be able to keep a secret. 

He continued with more tricks and explanations.

Pulling out a bandana, Ed told the crowd that a ghost was amongst them. Ghosts like to play tricks, he explained, and Ed was able to capture said ghost with his camping magic. The bandana moved on its own. Ed passed out bandanas and deconstructed the magic behind the spooky “Ghost Hankie” trick with each participant. He instructed the crowd to take one corner, knot the end, fold the bandana, and the rest — well, you’d have to see it to believe it!

Magicians shake the bandana, practicing their new camping magic trick. 

For a final trick, Ed brought a small toothpick and made it disappear before everyone’s eyes. Again conforming to the theme of camping or everyday fun, a match or small stick could have also been used. Children mastered this trick quite easily, impressing family — as well as the wizard himself — and sending them home with active imaginations.

Lest you think summer reading is all kids’ stuff, Youth Services Librarian Kara Dean explained that this year’s reading challenge is for all ages. “We use Beanstack, a mobile app, to track reading progress and activities, so you can win badges and prizes,” she explained. Everything is available on the Walpole Public Library website, hyperlinked under Summer Reading 2022. 

Ed’s “Impromptu Magic for Camping” book is available to borrow at the library for any magician interested. Follow Ed for more upcoming adventures at and the Walpole Public Library at

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