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‘Creative Mixtures’ makes STEM exciting

By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Many people say that the future lies in STEM - that is, science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Considering the technologically-dependent world in which we live, it might just be true. In order to instill an early love of what can sometimes be perceived as “boring” or simply unreachable due to complexity, the Walpole Coordinated Family and Community Engagement Program provides a number of activities to children that promote STEM at an accessible level that is also fun and entertaining.

On Tuesday, Yvette Sammarco brought “Creative Mixtures” to the Walpole Library. Open to children in kindergarten to third grade, this event encouraged kids to ask questions and make observations while performing fun science experiments. “We’re going to have them make predictions, make observations and then see what happens,” Sammarco said. The Walpole Coordinated Family and Community Engagement Program services Walpole, Medfield, Millis, Medway, Dover, and Sherborn.

Before embarking on their experiments, the kids were read a picture book called “Ada Twist, Scientist.” Many of the skills Ada had to use in the book were ones the kids would have to draw on in their actual experiments.

The first experiment the children did involved cleaning pennies with vinegar. Sammarco asked them to make observations about their pennies, receiving responses about the color and age of the coins.

The other experiments were named “Blobs in a Bottle,” “How to Make Slime!”, and “Try Some Lava In A Cup.” All of the children present were able to participate in each activity, helping to make the mixtures required in each one.

“Our grant is funded through the Department of Early Education and Care and they like us to hook up with the libraries and provide free activities for children,” Sammarco explained. “So I do most of my town events at the libraries. They’re centrally located and people know where to look.”

This event is just one of a series that Sammarco is bringing to Walpole. Unfortunately, one program was cancelled due to a snow day, but the Walpole Engagement Program also brought Sciencetellers to the library on March 28.

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