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Dover kids conquer Room of Requirement

By Amelia Tarallo Hometown Weekly Staff Over the last few years, the popularity of escape rooms has risen. No matter the theme, escape rooms follow the same rule of play: participants come into a room where they must solve puzzles using clues and hints to eventually “escape” before time runs out. On Wednesday, February 19, kids...
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Teens cook up brownies from scratch

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By James Kinneen Hometown Weekly Reporter Because sweets are an integral part of Valentine’s Day, this year, the Dover Town Library (DTL) decided that they would let their teens bake brownies and decorate them for the holiday on Friday afternoon. But while plenty of places will let you frost a pre-made sugar cookie with pink...
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Local libraries embrace technology

By Amelia Tarallo Hometown Weekly Staff The first public library opened in Boston between 1711 and 1725. Since then, to say the least, things have changed. Entering the technological age, libraries have had to make great leaps to ensure they keep up with the profusion of new forms of knowledge. While some may still view libraries as...
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Librarian to release novel

Angela Howes, Brandeis graduate and young adult librarian at the Dover Town Library, has announced the release of "Containment," her second novel in a young adult series she has been working on since her pre-college days. The series follows the trials and tribulations of Phoebe Ray, an emerging adult forced down a path she otherwise...
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