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Youngest Library Trustee in Medfield history

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Just missing the status ‘youngest town-elected official’ by one year, 25-year-old resident Geena Matuson is the youngest Library Trustee in Medfield’s 365-year history. (Just in case you’re curious, the youngest elected official in Medfield was 24). But what is a Library Trustee?

A Library Trustee is someone either elected or appointed to volunteer his or her time with the Board of Trustees to vote on funding allocation, set policies, monitor and evaluate new programs and initiatives, advocate and plan for the future.

Geena, MHS class of 2009 and MassArt class of 2013, has been interested in literacy, arts and sciences since childhood. After receiving several art and English awards in high school, she went on to receive more art awards during and post-college. Her films and artwork have been featured in shows internationally. Over the last few years, she has further integrated herself into the Medfield community, working with local businesses to design websites, create branding, and assist in social media marketing.

However, how she stumbled upon this position is a different story, “last year, I asked if the library had any open jobs, and I didn't realize you needed a degree in Library Sciences, or a rare opportunity to be a designer or IT person, in order to work for the library! In January of this year, one of the library staff members asked if I’d be interested in running for Trustee, and I agreed!”

Geena was sworn into office on April 1st, 2016, and has since attended her first meeting of many throughout a three-year term. Geena’s experience in event production, a two-year position on the MassArt Activities Council and professional work has helped to inform her position as Secretary on the Board of Trustees. In line with the direction of the library, Geena is an advocate of STEAM, working to promote the arts along with science and technology. She will advocate for more arts and STEAM programming, and will help to facilitate the creation of several new library internships in the process.

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