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Weed Warriors keep Farm Pond clean

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While the hot days of summer have certainly put Farm Pond on the mind of many Sherbornites, members of the Farm Pond Advisory Committee (FPAC) think about the town's little slice of heaven all of the time.

Central to efforts to protect Farm Pond from being overcome by invasive weeds, as many neighboring water bodies have been, is the committee’s Weed Watcher Program. Powered by local citizens who volunteer their time, the Weed Warriors regularly monitor sectors of the pond for unwelcome vegetative species. A refresher training on weed identification was given in June by DCR scientists Jim Straub and Tom Flannery, who have been teaching committee members and interested volunteers how to identify invasive weeds for the past ten years.

The Weed Watchers program is championed yearly by FPAC member Jackie Matin. Individuals interested in joining the efforts or who would like to learn more can reach her at

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