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Sherborn students organize ‘Vote & Donate’

The Sherborn Town Clerk, together with the student directors of the Sherborn Community Center Foundation, will again run their Election Day Food Drive to benefit A Place to Turn in Natick. Collection of non-perishable food items will take place during the Midterm Election, October 22 – November 6, at Sherborn Town Hall.

Student Director Brin Rockett states: “Imagine not being able to give your children nutritious meals! How would you feel? What would you do?”

Jack Green, another student director, says: “There is also a lack of toiletries, diapers, and cleaning supplies; please help meet these needs!”

“The holidays are an especially difficult time,” says Amelia Hodson-Walker. “Please help our neighbors that are in need!”

“Everyone can meet their civic and moral responsibilities at the same time!” explains Ronan Connolly. “What better way is there to create hope then to Vote & Donate?”

The last food drive during the presidential election was a tremendous success; Sherborn residents donated a tremendous amount of food. "What an amazing collection!” wrote Joanne Barry of A Place to Turn in a letter to Sherborn Community Center Foundation. “Our volunteers picked up the donation today - close to 1,500 pounds of food from the Sherborn Town election. This food donation makes a huge impact on what we can do for our neighbors in need. So appreciated!"

Between utilities, rent, clothing for the kids, and transportation, many families run out of money before the end of the month. A Place To Turn provides relief by offering emergency food and clothing. The organization serves those in need in an atmosphere of caring and mutual respect. A Place to Turn feeds approximately 8,000 Sherborn neighbors annually (most of them children), but their ability to meet these needs is only made possible by the donations of a generous community.

The student directors of the Sherborn Community Center Foundation are asking residents to mark their calendars and bring donations when they come to vote.

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