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Sherborn library construction continues

Many of us remember the first library we visited during our childhood. We can picture the sidewalk leading to the entrance, recall whether the building was brick, stone or clapboard and recollect that special “book” smell inside. And many of us remember waiting for that near-magical rite of passage: our own library card. The waiting was difficult!

For those eager to see the renovated and expanded Sherborn Library re-open, the waiting is difficult, too. Progress on the town construction project has been slow. Unexpected events, unanticipated requirements, and unforeseen conditions on the site have all contributed to a longer-than-anticipated schedule. There have been changes to the original site plan, resulting in a larger project scope and increased costs.

“The Library renovation and expansion project is a fabulous project with great value to the Town,” said Mary Moore, chair of the Library Board of Trustees. “We are a small town managing a large project, and we are fortunate to have so many volunteers and others – the Select Board, Advisory Committee, Library Building Committee and Trustees, and our Town Administrator -- working together toward a successful outcome.”

Like waiting for a first library card, the waiting is difficult. Once completed, however, the renovated and expanded Library will offer an enhanced community resource for all Sherborn residents. New and renovated space will include a children’s room, dedicated adult space, a teen media room, conference and study rooms, community meeting space with after-hours access, an outdoor reading terrace, updated technology infrastructure, adequate storage and staff rooms. The Library will be the most recent building on the town campus to become fully accessible and compliant with current codes, and it has also been designed to become LEED certified.

As construction continues, the Sherborn Library remains in its temporary home across Sanger Street at the Sherborn Community Center. There, the staff continues to work hard, keeping the Library running without interruption and offering a wide range of programming for patrons of all ages. The latest project schedule provided to the Library Building Committee by the contractor calls for substantial completion in December.

For more information about the renovation project, to view renderings and project FAQs, and to review minutes from the Library Building Committee and Trustee meetings, visit the redesigned Library website at Project updates can also be found at

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