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Sherborn Library construction continues

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Construction activity at the Sherborn Library continues at a brisk pace. Visitors to the Town Campus will see noticeable changes to the library as exterior walls, windows and skylights are installed. “Many patrons have asked about the small, barn-like structures popping up on the construction site,” noted Library Director Elizabeth Johnston. “Once hoisted to the roof, those enclosures will provide the construction crew with a covered space, protected from the elements, where they can work to install our Library’s new skylights!” Over the next few months, activity will continue to increase, with a number of subcontractors on site.

Interior furnishings are on order and HVAC, plumbing and electrical work on the addition and main building continues. New, angled parking around the Town Campus parking loop and restored spaces on Sanger Street have proved helpful for Town Hall meetings as well as on Sundays, when demand for church parking is high. The latest project schedule provided to the Library Building Committee estimates a July/August completion date.

As construction continues, the Sherborn Library remains in its temporary home across Sanger Street at the Sherborn Community Center. There, the Library staff continues to work hard, keeping the Library running without interruption and offering a wide range of programming for patrons of all ages.

For more information about the renovation project, to view renderings and project FAQs, and to review minutes from the Library Building Committee and Trustee meetings, visit the newly redesigned Library website at Project updates can also be found at

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