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Renovation Celebration at Dover Town Library

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On June 9, the Friends, Trustees, and staff of Dover Town Library hosted a “Renovation Celebration” to mark the opening of the newly redesigned main floor. Anne Coster, Co-Chair of the Trustees, thanked the many people guided and made the project possible - Dave Ramsay and Greer Pugatch from Town Hall, Karl Warnick from the Building Maintenance Department, Director Cheryl Abdullah and her dedicated staff, the Hovey Fund, and the residents of Dover who generously support by giving to the Friends or the Annual Appeal.

Erin Rodat-Savla, Co-Chair of the Friends of the Dover Library, presented a check to the Library from the Friends. This money will provide the programs, museum passes, subscriptions, and materials that make the Dover Library a special place.

The Friends are looking for volunteers to help at Dover Days and other upcoming events. Please check them out on Facebook or visit their website at

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