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Missing cat: Seamus

A medium sized orange and white cat named Seamus was lost on Sunday from Hartford Street in Medfield. He is a very timid house cat. Individuals with information on Seamus' whereabouts are asked to contact Kathy Davidson at (617-872-2240).

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Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter (adopter can change his name) was found with his mom, Jelly, in the middle of a road in West Virginia. Both were skinny and injured but luckily were found by a good samaritan who put them put them in her car and took them to her home. She tried to find...

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Coco and Winnie

Coco and Winnie are approximately six month old guinea pigs that were purchased a few months ago to be pets for children. Unfortunately the family is moving and can't take them along, so we are looking for a home for them willing to make a lifetime commitment. They are very cute, but were...

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