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Pie and Jack

Pie (right) and Jack (left) are owner surrenders from Virginia. They had been living in uncleanly conditions so a good samaritan took them in a few months ago. Unfortunately, she already had several dogs and her neighbors complained leading to the county forcing her to give away some of the dogs. We took them into the rescue to avoid having them brought to a high-kill shelter. Pie and Jack are 7 years old and weigh about 35 lbs. They are both friendly, good with kids, other dogs and cats. Although they were rescued together, they can be adopted separately. Pie is prone to pancreatitis, but does well on a lower fat kibble. Jack was diagnosed with the beginning stages of glaucoma and has daily drops to maintain the health of his eyes. This is not expensive medication or food. These sweet dogs are tired of moving around and are looking for loving homes they can stay in forever. Who would not want to see this adorable faces and wagging tails every day. If interested in Pie and Jack(if you adopt either of them you can change their name) or any of our hounds please contact us at We are starting to see our rescued hounds being able to come north.

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