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Coco and Winnie

Coco and Winnie are approximately six month old guinea pigs that were purchased a few months ago to be pets for children. Unfortunately the family is moving and can't take them along, so we are looking for a home for them willing to make a lifetime commitment. They are very cute, but were a bit skittish when they arrived at the Shelter on Saturday. They will be checked by our vet on May 21 and will be ready for adoption after that. Guinea pigs are active, gentle, relatively low maintenance pets that love companionship, delight in cuddles and make great pets for gentle children six years old and up. Guinea pigs are happiest when they have a clean cage and lots of interactive socialization time with their person. They do require fresh hay and greens (lettuce, parsley, basil, etc.) on a daily basis and adopters should consider this expense when adding a guinea pig to their family. If you would like to adopt this cute pair, please fill out the adoption application on our website:

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