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Chocolate Chip

It is heartbreaking to see a very senior dog like Chip end up in a shelter, so we hope his stay will be short. Chocolate Chip's tail wags, and his eyes light up when he sees that you are stopping to take him out for a walk. If you have treats, all the better. He's a typical Lab. He loves a nice car ride and thinks that when you combine that with a stop for ice cream, it makes for a perfect day. Chip's owner has personal struggles that have plagued him for several years, and now owning a pet is not suitable for either of them. Chip is 14 years old and needs a home where he will be pampered and provided with care for his arthritis. His rear legs give him difficulty getting up, but once he's up, just hook that leash on and he's ready to go. He is still a strong dog and weighs 66 pounds. Chip visited our vet and we will have results of his blood work by the time you read this. He was very rambunctious at the vet until the cookie jar came out. Other than having arthritis and the typical bumps for an old-timer, he passed his physical. Chip likes the other dog in the shelter. Due to his age and arthritis we would like to place him in a home with no kids or kids over 12. The first step in our adoption process is to go to and fill out an application (you can also see all the pets currently available for adoption there). We don't charge an adoption fee for our senior pets.

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