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WYWC hosts spring celebration

By Julia Beauregard
Hometown Weekly Editor

The Westwood Young Women’s Club (WYWC) hosted a spring celebration this last Saturday in the John J. Cronin Field at the Martha Jones Elementary School. Local families ventured out on this beautiful Sunday to partake in the celebration. While the WYWC typically hosts an egg-hunt to kickoff the springtime, this year members opted to hold a spring celebration instead.

This event had been in the works for the last two months, according to one of the club members. Their efforts paid off, as families from all over came to celebrate springtime.

The members of the club hosted various activity tables for the children in attendance, the activities included face-painting, decorating flower pots, planting flowers, making bubble-wands, bubble play, and an obstacle course.

Children moved around from table-to-table to give their hand at each activity, as members of the club aided the children in each craft to create a fun-filled morning, full of learning experience. Each child beamed with delight after having their faces painted with rainbows and unicorns, as well as several other playful designs. The women warmly praised each child’s creative expression while participating in their craft.

Children raced around the obstacle course after completing their crafts, happily enjoying the warm weather and the outdoor activities that came with it. Between the beautiful weather, the wonderful turnout, the ample activities provided by the WYWC, and the nurturing atmosphere created by the club members, the WYWC’s first spring celebration was a success!

Even as the celebration began to come to a close, families congregated at the elementary school park to continue the fun. It was plain to see that families all over Westwood are eager to see what event the WYWC has planned next. To stay up to date with the Westwood Young Women’s Club, check out their website:

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