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Women’s Club enjoys chorus concert

By Madison Butkus

Hometown Weekly Reporter

The Westwood Women's Club hosted a delightful light lunch and concert on Thursday at the Westwood Senior Center, according to a report published by the Westwood Gazette. The concert featured the center's own chorus, comprised of nine talented women and their musical director/pianist, Carol Abel.

The musical treat revolved around the theme of Independence Day and the birth of America. Adorned in red, white, and blue attire, the chorus performed a range of songs that celebrated the beauty of our country. Adding a unique touch to the experience, Carol Abel provided narration between songs, recounting America's history. The women in attendance were captivated by the uplifting singing and powerful storytelling.

During the performance, Abel expressed her appreciation, stating, "We are not used to having applause at the end of every song. This is great!" The audience reciprocated the sentiment and even requested an encore at the conclusion of the event.

As the performance paid tribute to our nation's heroes, Abel concluded by acknowledging the "Flags for Heroes" initiative organized by the Council on Aging and the Rotary Club of Westwood each spring. She mentioned two of her personal heroes, her mentor Trish and her daughter Anna, expressing gratitude for their support. Abel thanked the audience for being a wonderful audience.

The heartfelt performance concluded with all of the lovely ladies enjoying a light lunch, featuring sandwiches and various deli platters.

The Westwood Women's Club's next event is scheduled for June 22nd at 1 pm at the Westwood Senior Center. For more information, please visit the Westwood Council on Aging website.

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