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Westwood High class of ’22 graduates

Bright, sunny skies and an overall beautiful day provided the backdrop as Westwood High School’s class of 2022 walked in caps and gowns to its graduation on Sunday, June 5.

It was a day that, just two years ago, might have seemed further away than usual to an ordinary Wolverine sophomore; at the time, COVID had ground all community activity to a halt. This resilient class of ’22 dealt not only with the typical rigors of high school, but also the anxieties, alterations and responsibilities that came with going to school in the era of COVID-19.

While all members of the class of ’22, collectively, were the stars of the day, a number of classmates placed their own personal stamps on graduation exercises. Class President Emily Liu welcomed all in attendance, before senior chorus members took the stage for a moving performance based around “Time of Your Life” by Green Day. Joined by Will McEachern on guitar, EJ Nevills on cello, and WHS teacher Robert Goldman on piano, the members of the chorus sang their hearts out, providing a moment of raw emotion for those in attendance. Ruby Fyffe then gave the Honor Address before Class President Liu returned to the stage to read the names of her classmates as they proudly strolled across the stage.

To see the class of ’22 together for graduation was an encouraging sign that the world was returning to a semblance of normalcy — and that despite the worst the pandemic had thrown at them, these Westwood graduates were no worse for the wear. 

Hometown Weekly extends its congratulations and best of luck to these unique students.

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