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Westwood Artists host Pop-Up Shop

By Madison Butkus

Hometown Weekly Reporter

Westwood Artists gathered on Saturday May 13th, for their annual Spring Sale Pop-Up Shop. Tables were set up right outside the High Street storefronts extending from the Post Office to a local breakfast spot. Watercolor and acrylic paintings, jewelry, photography, origami earrings, upcycled bags, fiber, and wheel thrown and hand built pottery were all available for shoppers to purchase. Any of these quaint items would have made a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Featured artists included Carol Ahearn, Karen Flowers Cagan, Alexis Jackson, Amy Keith, Cindy Senerchia, Lisa WB Walker, and Kathy Zola. This event turned out to be the perfect place for those looking for Mother’s Day gifts and more! 

Kathy Zola is one of the founders of Westwood Artists and was also there selling her fiber products. She went on to state, “We tend to do two to three different kinds of these events. We do the Pop-Up Shop in this strip-mall. We will also hopefully do a bigger event in front of the Senior Center on June 2nd. We usually don’t do much over the summer because people are not around as much. Then we pick up again in the fall with another outdoor show at the Senior Center.” 

These events are a great way for local Westwood artists to showcase and sell their handmade artwork. When asked how artists can get involved in these Pop-Up Shops, Zola stated, “We have a mailing list and a website. Our basic requirement is that you have to make your own stuff that you are selling and that you live in Westwood. So people come to us and then we let people know that there are going to be events happening where we will need their participation.” 

For more information on upcoming events and local Westwood artists, please visit 

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