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Locals enjoy Music at the Barn

By Julia Beauregard

Hometown Weekly Editor

Music fans from all over gathered together in the barn at Hale Education for their featured monthly program of Music at the Barn. Most of the guests arrived early, enjoying conversations with friends in the warm spring air, as it was an exceptionally warm May evening.

All of the attendees gathered inside with friends, snacks, and drinks prior to dusk. The setting sun glistened in the dimly lit barn room, creating a warm and intoxicating ambiance.

Every seat in the house was filled and several guests had to stand behind the crowd or out on the deck to be entranced by the musical entertainment of the evening.

Artist in Residence, Will C., was the host of the event, aiding the musicians in their set up, greeting guests as they arrived, and adding to the overall delightful atmosphere in the barn at Hale. 

Once all the guests had settled into their seats, right before showtime began, Will C. asked the crowd: “are you all ready to hear some music?” This question was what received the first roar of the crowd for the evening. 

The featured musicians included Laura Hersovitch, a singer-songwriter, who traveled from Connecticut to perform at Hale. Her style is a mixture of modern and Americana with new-folk influences. Jermy Van Cleaves, a Boston-based instrumentalist and songwriter, performed this evening, with his folk, rock, and Americana influenced sounds.The Zack Boelles Band, which is an acoustic folk-rock trio, consisting of leading man Zack Boelles, Ed Cardenas, and Abe Dewing, performed as well. This group previously played at Hale during their 2022 Steam Kettle Festival; fans enjoyed their return to Hale. 

The audiences gave all of their love and support to the performers with cheers, applause, and even catcalls: it was clear to see that everyone was feeling the music. The crowd sang along with the artists when called to do so. 

Will C. engaged the artists in a Q&A session after their performances to help the audience understand the music, the artist, and their visions.

The first performer, Laura Hersovitch shared this piece of wisdom, which left the crowd feeling touched: when discussing the themes of self reflection in her music, she stated: “If we’re lucky, we spend our lives becoming who we are.” Attending events such as these really help to shape our worldview and allow us to continue to grow into who we are.

For more events such as these, please check out Hale’s website:

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