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Flag football delights Westwood kids

By Lauren Schiavone 
Hometown Weekly Staff

The smell of dirt and grass on the field constituted tell-tale signs of summer for Westwood kids as children ages seven through fourteen gathered at Sheehan Field last week for flag football. The short week due to the holiday meant that the program was at full capacity from Tuesday to Friday, with forty participants ready to play. Children were guided by older mentors and coaches to learn team building, flagging techniques and rules of the game.

Mentors cheer from the sidelines as the red team makes a run for the endzone.

Even with some dicey weather during the week, action and enthusiasm were palpable as children laced up their cleats and got their game faces on in preparation for Friday’s final tournament.

Unlike typical football, there was no tackling. Flag football presented a perfect opportunity for Westwood's young, energetic athletes to have lighthearted fun among their neighbors. Kids were split into teams, organized by age and skill level. The two teams were divided evenly and played on a section of Sheehan Field blocked off by cones. 

Recreation staff member James was excited to see the attendance fill up through multiple programs in the Westwood area. “This is a summer program offered by the recreation department," he explained. "They offer a bunch: a main camp at Westwood High School, preschool at the Deerfield school, and baseball at Morrison Field. Typically, there's ten to twelve programs during the week throughout the town.”

The blue team snags a flag from the red team as the offense plans its next move. 

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