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Wellesley students take art awards

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By Rama K. Ramaswamy

The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers have honored 7th-12th grade students with the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Awards since 1923. National and international students submitted more than 330,000 works in 29 categories of art and writing.

In mid-March, a series of ceremonies for Gold and Silver Key recipients was held in Cohen Auditorium at Aidekman Art Center, Tufts University.

All art & writing submissions that received a Gold Key at the state level are sent on to compete nationally with Gold Key work form all 50 states. Only 10 percent of the submitted work receives a Silver Medal, and a Gold Medal is awarded to 5 percent of submitted work.

Among Wellesley’s winners of this year’s Scholastic Art and Writing Awards:

Dana Hall School

Julia Burke, Honorable Mention, Photography “TX”
Silver Key, Photography “Flor”
Echo Chen, Honorable Mention, Painting “Honey, Please Don't Go”
Saaniya Desai, Silver Key, Photography “Ghost Town”
Carissa Dragat, Silver Key, Photography “Playing With Shadows”
Lily Foregger, Honorable Mention, Photography “Spring Collage”
Lindsey Gilfeather, Silver Key, Photography “Maya's Joy”
Ida Jia, Honorable Mention, Science Fiction/Fantasy “Dreamcatcher”
Honorable Mention, Writing Portfolio “Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on”
Silver Key, Poetry “Biking over the Edge”
Silver Key, Poetry “Time Travel”
Silver Key, Dramatic Script “The Philosophy of Happiness”
India May, Honorable Mention, Photography “Grandma's Studio”
Kelly McGucken, Gold Key, Photography “Submerged”
Honorable Mention, Photography “Slide”
Lauren Merullo, Honorable Mention, Photography “We Love Nana”
Nancy Park, Honorable Mention, Design “Eye Head Doll”
Anna Park, Silver Key, Poetry “Mirror”
Sruti Ramaswamy, Honorable Mention, Mixed Media “The Woman”
Julia Ran, Silver Key, Photography “Waiting”
Kayla Terzioglu, Honorable Mention, Painting “Dual Landscape”
Charlene Tsai, Honorable Mention, Painting “In Between”
Honorable Mention, Drawing and Illustration “Paint Bottles”
Grace Wang, Gold Key, Photography “Afterschool Hangout”
Gold Key, Photography “Green Tiles”
Gold Key, Photography “Inside Outside”
Gold Key, Photography “Dancing in the Lights”
Honorable Mention, Photography “Microscopic Autumn”
Stella Zhihan Wang, Honorable Mention, Painting “Landscape”
Maggie Jin Zhang, Silver Key, Sculpture “The Story”

Wellesley Public Schools

Julia Bandte, Gold Key, Digital Art “In Another Time…”
Lily Biro, Honorable Mention, Photography “Trapped Behind the Flag”
Kaitlin Braun, Honorable Mention, Photography “Welcome to the After Party”
Kira Carr, Gold Key, Photography “A Stroll in the Woods”
Hayden Carr, Silver Key, Photography “The Complexity of Sisterhood”
Arianna Cozza, Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass “Full Bloom”
Sofia Cozza, Honorable Mention, Printmaking “Ciao Bella”
Sarah Dobbie, Gold Key, Drawing and Illustration “Gothic Skyline”
Olivia Dorian, Silver Key, Jewelry “Lotus”
Peyton Durkin, Silver Key, Printmaking “Waffles”
Ottou Fouda, Honorable Mention, Photography “Urban Seclusion”
Genevieve Gallico, Honorable Mention, Printmaking “Supernova”
Sophia Glastein, Honorable Mention, Jewelry “Nonleaf”
Camilla Hanson, Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass “Pink Lady”
Laura Hoffmann, Gold Key, Digital Art “Forgotten Epiphany”
Georgia Lasch, Silver Key, Digital Art “Freedom”
Sierra Marasco, Gold Key, Jewelry “Orange Slice”
Samantha Mark, Silver Key, Photography “Barbie Doll”
Alana Moon, Gold Key, Jewelry “Phalaenopsis”
Lilly Noonan, Silver Key, Photography “Hiding Behind”
Alexa Quinn, Gold Key, Jewelry “Q”
Genevieve Van Der Wal, Gold Key, Drawing and Illustration “Bearded Dragon”
Eloise Zeng, Silver Key, Printmaking “Rising Up”

Mary Bevilacqua, Gold Key, Painting “Shades”
Isabelle Boegholm, Honorable Mention, Jewelry “Seahorse”
Cort Breuer, Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass “Dinner Bowl Set”
Katherine Brooks, Gold Key, Photography “Winged Man”
Abby Buckham, Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass “Birds”
Paige Buller, Honorable Mention, Fashion “Sunglasses”
Lindsay Carroll, Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass “Mug#5”
Viona Daneschvar, Honorable Mention, Sculpture “Recoiled”
Sofia Fauza, Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass “Island Depths”
Abigail Frank, Gold Key, Painting “The Soul Watcher”
Gold Key, Painting “Rising From the Flames”
Gold Key, Painting “Lonely Boat”
Ling Groccia, Silver Key, Jewelry “Echolocation”
Anna Hermacinski, Honorable Mention, Photography “Kabuki”
Honorable Mention, Photography “Dreamers”
Rey Hill, Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass “Ribbon Candy”
Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass “Screech”
Patrick Kley, Honorable Mention, Art Portfolio “Works in Clay”
Javier Lopez, Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass “Dagger Chatter”
Justine Low, Honorable Mention, Painting “Paper Thin”
Emma Lussier, Honorable Mention, “Photography Rays”
Ashley Martin, Honorable Mention, “Jewelry Out West”
Veronica Mills, Silver Key, Jewelry “Box Ring with Green Love”
Emma Petrovich, Gold Key, Jewelry “Tangential Rings”
Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass “Ring Holder”
Honorable Mention, Drawing and Illustration “Droplets”
Anthony Ranaldi, Gold Key, Sculpture “Prison Cell”
Silver Key, Art Portfolio “Lost and Forgotten”
Arielle Roos, Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass “Horsehair Vase”
Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass “One Hit Vases”
Silver Key, Art Portfolio “2017 Works”
Mira Shind, Honorable Mention, Jewelry “Shattered”
Emma Soliva, Gold Key, Art Portfolio “NeverEver Wonderland”
Honorable Mention, Fashion Painting “The Roses Red”
Silver Key, Sculpture “A Little too Mad”
Sonia Subramaniam, Honorable Mention, Photography “Convergence”
Kendra Wagner, Silver Key, Photography “Photo Portfolio”
Zoe Zhang, Gold Key, Photography “Going to Work”
Gold Key, Photography “After Dinner”
Gold Key, Drawing and Illustration “Moody Afternoon”
Honorable Mention, Photography “Waiting”
Honorable Mention, Drawing and Illustration “Summer Day”
Silver Key, Photography “Watching”
Silver Key, Photography “Childhood”
Silver Key, Painting “Girl in Black”
Clover Zheng, Gold Key, Jewelry “Choker of Leaves”
Honorable Mention, “Art Portfolio A Pile of Contrasts”

National Scholastic Medals

Wellesley Middle School

Sarah Dobbie, 8th grade, Gold Medal, Drawing & Illustration, “Gothic Skyline”
Alana Moon, 8th grade, Gold Medal, Jewelry, “Phalaenopsis”
Alexa Quinn, 8th Grade, Silver Medal, Jewelry, “Q”

Wellesley High School

Emma Petrovich, junior, Gold Medal, Jewelry, “Tagential Rings”
Ariel Roos, senior, Silver Medal, Ceramics & Galls, “Horsehair Vase”

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