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Valentine’s Day ice cream social delights

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By James Kinneen
Hometown Weekly Reporter

While chocolate is the classic treat of Valentine’s Day, the Tolles Parsons Center opted for a different sweet for their holiday celebration this year. While there were many traditional elements to the celebration, from the showing of a romantic comedy to candy heart centerpieces and construction paper Valentines created by Hunnewell School kids, the COA opted for an ice cream social.

Why an ice cream social? According to Kara Miller, a representative from the nursing community that was running the event, it was to support the community - and because ice cream’s more fun than chocolate.

“We wanted to do this because we’re part of the Wellesley community. We’re from a local area skilled nursing community, and we wanted to come here and support the elders of the community. And we had ice cream because it’s more fun.”

While chocolates are pretty standard, one of the things that made the ice cream social more fun is that the seniors could choose from a wide array of toppings, ranging from basics like whipped cream to a couple more unusual choices.

“Marshmallow has been one of the weird ones, as well as little Crunch bars and Butterfingers, but they’ve enjoyed them all.”

While the attendees finished their ice cream and settled in for the screening of “Seems Like Old Times,” a 1980 Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase movie written by Neil Simon, one couldn’t help but notice Janet Armstrong’s hat. While plenty of people were in red or pink, Armstrong went all out for her holiday décor with a heart sticker decorated cane, and a hat that she makes new every year.

“It’s somewhat different every year. This year I had the Cupid’s arrow, which I didn’t have last year. I had a stovepipe hat last year that I decorated, but this year I couldn’t find it. It’s in my collection of hats at home, so I bought a new one. I buy the foundation of the hat, and then I put stickers on it.”

It’s hard to miss Armstrong and her hats. Just a few weeks ago, she donned one that celebrated the careers of Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein for a presentation on their careers. Up next for Armstrong? Fat Tuesday.

“Mardi Gras. I have my Mardi Gras hat all day. It’s looks like a court jester’s hat, and each tentacle has a bell on it. After that it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Then, it’s Cinco de Mayo.”

The ice cream social gave the seniors of Wellesley something to look forward to doing on Valentines Day, and Armstrong, as she does on every holiday, gave them a creative headpiece to look forward to seeing.

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