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Clever Hand Gallery hosting student work

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The Clever Hand Gallery will showcase work by students from the Intensive Metals class at Wellesley High School. This is the ninth year of collaboration between the local artisans’ cooperative and the talented students.

Students in Shayla Vines’ Intensive Metals class started school year with everyone working on the ancient technique of “open back” filigree, best exemplified by the Russians. Students made their own braided wire for this, then went through all the steps necessary to produce works using the same methods of long ago. The Intensive Metals family was also given another challenge of working on a project where each student was given a box of unique materials. Students had to create their own personal work using these materials and supplies.

The Metals Department has recently purchased equipment needed to add mokume gane to the curriculum. Mokume gane is an ancient Japanese technique that layers and patterns various non-ferrous metals to look like wood grain. This year’s class was the first to experiment with this.

Maggie Wargo's 'Salty Sea Flower.'

Maggie Wargo's 'Salty Sea Flower.'

“The creativity and ability of these students is amazing,” says Edie Allen, co-president of Clever Hand. “We are very fortunate to be located in a community that is so supportive of arts education.”

All are invited to see the results of the students’ creative endeavors. The exhibition will be March 17 - March 30, with a public reception on Tuesday, March 19, from 3-5 p.m. at the Clever Hand Gallery, located on 52 Central Street.

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