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Peace and Justice Group holds vigil

People joined the Walpole Peace and Justice Group vigil on Thursday, July 26, in support of immigrant families and children. Participants were calling for the U.S. government to reunite families, to stop the inhumane practice of locking up immigrant families, to stop any plans for building family detention camps on military bases, and to close down existing family detention facilities. The vigil was held on July 26, as that was the deadline, ordered by the Federal Court, for the government to reunite the children who had been separated from their families at the border.

Strings of peace flags made by children from a Peace Abbey project were held. Children and people of all ages had drawn pictures or written words on squares of cloth to express their positive thoughts and hopes for peace in the world. The flags are based on the Tibetan Prayer Flag tradition, with colors representing five families of elements: space (blue), air (white), fire (red), earth (green), and water (yellow).

The Walpole Peace and Justice Group is a group of citizens committed to promoting peace and justice in the community and the larger world through education, study, witness, advocacy, and action. People can email the group at for more information.

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