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Spring sports round up

By Avonlea Cummings

Hometown Weekly Sports Reporter

The 2023 spring season proved to be an astounding period for Dover-Sherborn student-athletes, characterized by remarkable talent, victories, and an unwavering determination to compete against the very best. Athletes are well aware of the challenges they face, yet the most significant aspect of each season lies in the rewards obtained, particularly when the essence of sports lies in personal improvement and enjoyment.

When summarizing the final season records, it becomes imperative to acknowledge the extraordinary dedication exhibited by each athlete to their respective sports, as well as the abundant talent within each team.

Commencing with the lacrosse teams, Erin Massimi diligently coached the girls' team, tirelessly preparing them to face formidable competition. The girls concluded their season with an outstanding 14-6 record, culminating in a state championship victory. 

Witnessing the weekly display of talent and observing the team's continuous improvement was truly unbelievable. Under the leadership of head coach Brian McLaughlin, the boys' lacrosse team achieved a commendable 12-6 season and advanced to the playoffs' final four.

Baseball's season culminated with an 8-12 record, preceding their engagement in postseason action. Head coach Stephen Ryan and his team staged an impressive resurgence during the second half of the season, ultimately concluding with a four-game winning streak. Similarly, the girls' softball team exhibited unwavering determination throughout the year, finishing with a 7-10 record. Match after match, the girls honed their skills, steadily progressing in their quest for postseason participation.

The girls' tennis team achieved a phenomenal season, boasting a flawless 18-0 record. Their competitive journey extended all the way to the competition's final four. In parallel, the boys' tennis team concluded their season with an impressive 15-3 record, earning the opportunity to compete in the state championship. Both teams tenaciously faced the challenges presented, solidifying their reputation amidst the league's fierce competition.

Boys' golf concluded their endeavors with a 5-6 record, while the girls' golf program excelled, finishing with a remarkable 12-3 record. During their season, the Raiders secured an impressive eight-game winning streak against Holliston, Westwood, Ashland, Norton, Bellingham, Medfield, and Medway.

To conclude the successful spring seasons, the girls' track and field team garnered a commendable 3-2 record, while the boys tallied an impressive 4-1 record for the year. It was truly a spectacle to behold, affording us the privilege of witnessing and sharing the remarkable talents possessed by these young athletes. Hometown Weekly is delighted to have been a part of this thrilling action and eagerly anticipates the forthcoming talent showcased during the fall season.

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