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Girls Lacrosse fall short in overtime

By Avonlea Cummings
Hometown Weekly Sports Reporter

In the cool spring air with a cloudy overcast, the Needham girl’s lacrosse team set out against the fiery red Natick RedHawks. The battle was long fought, as Needham used all their fuel until the very last seconds of overtime. It wasn’t until the RedHawks snuck past the Rockets to earn themselves one more point to finalize the competition’s score of 15-14.

The Rockets came out blasting on the field against Natick as the girls blanked the RedHawks, full of energy and drive. With a few points under their belt, Needham continued to withstand the tough competition of the Red Hawks, continuing to lead the match into the second half.

As the second half began, Natick took everything they had to get back up on the scoreboard to even the match to Needham’s several-point lead. By the ten-minute mark left of the second, it was a close game, as Natick would soon tie the score. Needham held their strength in the offensive end as well after Natick took a brief lead towards the final minutes of regulation. The girls were able to score two more goals in the last minute of the game, which lifted both teams into a sudden-death overtime competition.
Both teams tirelessly battled to earn the extra point, where Needham had just fallen short of Natick’s attack.

Rocket’s Lily Schmalz whipped in five goals with one assist as a high in the competition, as well as Sami Bonasia, and Grace Crisafulli who both launched in three goals to add to Needham’s overall score.

Needham hosts the Walpole Timberwolves on Thursday, May 11th at home. Faceoff will begin at 4 pm.

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