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Girls’ lacrosse falls to Lincoln-Sudbury

By Avonlea Cummings

Hometown Weekly Sports Reporter

Westwood girls’ lacrosse is a powerful group of girls who gave their all in their third-straight year at the division one state championship, a team that never gave up even during their last minute of competition.  The girls’ lacrosse team has defied the odds this season and paved their way to be championship bound. The Wolverines were in a constant battle against the Lincoln Sudbury Regional High Warriors but fell one goal short in the final seconds of the competition, 10-9. 

Head coach Margot Spatola reflected on the team’s progress made throughout the season and although saddened by the sudden lead taken from Lincoln-Sudbury that led to Westwood’s loss, she was proud of the effort the girls put into the competition. 

“People didn’t expect this team to go this far, they wrote us off after our first loss, but these seniors did everything they possibly could to get this team this far. For that, I am very proud of them,” said Spatola.

Westwood went into the match strong and ready for anything Lincoln-Sudbury had to offer, they were well equipped taking the lead first into the beginning on game. The entirety of the second half was a consistent back and forth action between both teams as they dug deep in to try a take the lead. Senior Ava Connaughton weaved through the Warriors defense and whipped five goals into the net, naming herself as the top leading scorer of the match. Senior Lil Hancock was not far behind in her efforts as she tallied in three goals to add to the scoreboard.

“We did a nice job picking apart LS’ defense, they have a great defense, so we did our best finding some of those holes. Ava and Lil put everything on the line for their team, they really did everything they possibly could,” said Spatola.

The off-season will be focused on recharging and continuing to strengthen the many talents of the team. Coach Spatola knows the girls will be ready for another year battling for the championship title.

“It all comes down to grit and wanting it, putting in the work all year round. The returners are going to comeback ready to go after having this sit on their shoulders,” Assured Spatola.

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