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Spring craft blossoms creativity

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By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

April vacation can be one of the best weeks of the spring. Students have the chance to take a break, hang out outdoors, and take a good rest before getting ready for the school year’s home-stretch. However, while the sun shone spectacularly for part of this year’s vacation, there were a few rainy days that snuck in.

Thankfully, libraries are always well prepared with indoor offerings of their own.

This year, the Medfield Public Library offered drop-in crafts for kids three and up on Monday through Friday from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

“We usually do a winter themed one during February vacation week. We always do a spring craft,” Bernadette Foley, Head of Children’s Services, said. In fact, on Wednesday, the craft had done so well that Foley decided to bring it back. “Yesterday, the craft was a hit, so I kept it out and put something else out, too, in case the same families came back. But I wanted to provide it for any new families.”

Crafts this year included coloring coffee filters or doilies and making a basket of flowers. The crafts were up for interpretation, and one boy said he was making a giant cake for all of his family to eat. He decorated doilies and made a tower, resulting a creation fit for a king.

In addition to the spring craft, the Medfield Library usually hosts two to three weeks of crafting during the holidays. “Summer is our really big time. We have crafts every day of the week,” Foley explained. “I might change it a little bit this year so I can have that room for other programming, but for the most part, it’s most days of the week from one to five. It changes weekly rather than daily.”

The crafts are all drop-in, so local families should feel free to take advantage of these creative opportunities.

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