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New Director at Medfield COA

By Diana Holiner
Hometown Weekly Contributor

Roberta Lynch retired from her position as director for Medfield’s Council on Aging (COA) after over 21 years. Taking her place is Sarah Hanifan. Hanifan has been a part of The Center for almost two years and described the feeling of walking in the building for her first interview as, “that feeling in my stomach that this was where I'm meant to be.” She follows in Roberta’s footsteps in providing adults in Medfield with great service. As for her plans as the new director, she hopes to bring the same services that people have loved over the years, as well as expanding to add new things that will help the people that the COA serves. She has already started to make her mark by establishing a partnership with the Tri-County Regional High Schools Culinary Department, in which they will provide hot lunches for seniors at The Center. This is just one step in how the new director is planning to expand and improve the COA during her time as director.

Hanifan says that she has always loved working with adults, citing her relationship with an elderly neighbor that she would regularly visit for tea as why she chose this role at COA. “I enjoyed our conversation and learning from her,” Hanifan says of their relationship, which is similar to how she talks about the seniors that she serves. She says one of her favorite quotes is from renowned publisher, Katherine Graham, who once said, “When you love what you do and feel that it matters – how could anything be more fun?” It’s evident that the new director is deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with the seniors of Medfield and passionate about her work.
The COA is lucky to have a new director that is so passionate about helping people and helping the seniors of Medfield that the COA serves. She attends a Local COA Directors Meeting, where she is able to listen to other communities and gather ideas to bring back to Medfield.

Coming into the new role, Hanifan says that she hopes to be in the position for as long as Lynch was. Hanifan and Lynch worked alongside one another for only a short time of two years, but Lynch’s legacy will live on through the new director of the COA. When it comes to carrying on this legacy, Hanifan states, “In the short two years I worked alongside with Roberta I hope to emulate the customer service which she provided, continue building a fun, safe, and welcoming environment for the seniors and as always advocating for the seniors needs.”

Besides working at The Center for the previous two years before this position, Hanifan also says, “I've worked with seniors in previous jobs and have a passion for helping people and making a difference in as many lives as possible.” The director has an undeniable dedication towards helping people and serving the senior citizens of Medfield. Of the new position, she says, “Every single day I love coming to work. I'm grateful to be given this wonderful opportunity of serving the seniors of Medfield. Please stop by The Center and introduce yourself, as I love getting to know new people.”

Medfield’s COA is located in The Center in Medfield on 1 Ice Road and is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 9 AM-4PM, Wednesday from 9AM-7PM (schedules vary), Friday from 9AM-1PM, and Saturday from 10AM-3PM.

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