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Medfielders Trunk or Treat

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By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

Trick-or-treating is often a highlight of the year for some kids. They dash from house to house in costume, scouring local neighborhoods for their favorite candy.

But sometimes, the idea of a late-night candy hunt can be a bit scary.

New 'N Towne, Medfield’s newcomers club, hosted Trunk or Treat, its answer to this dilemma, on Saturday, October 26. The event saw Medfield’s youngest citizens doing some daylight trick-or-treating at Memorial School, walking from one decorated car trunk to the next in search of coveted candy.

Cars began arriving at the Memorial School parking lot and started setting up their trunk space at 2:00. No two trunks were exactly the same. One trunk was themed around the opening scene of “The Lion King.” A styrofoam Pride Rock jutted out of the trunk, complete with a figurine of Rafiki and Simba posed perfectly. A crowd of stuffed animals was gathered below the trunk, identical to the scene from the movie.

One trunk had trick-or-treaters fishing for their candy. Kids used a “fishing rod” with a clip at the end of them. After casting a line over the ocean backdrop, the young anglers would feel a tug on the rope from two “fishies,” serving as a signal for them to pull the line back. Upon their doing so, a treat waited for them on the clip.

One of the most interactive trunks was themed around NASCAR racing. Starting from the trunk and leading into the parking lot was a multi-laned Hot Wheels track, down which kids raced tiny cars. When the children were finished racing, they could pick out their favorite car in lieu of candy. Like many of the kids, Taylor dressed to match his family’s theme and dressed as his favorite NASCAR driver, Lewis Hamilton. “My older son is really into race cars, so we figured he’d want to be a driver for halloween,” said Taylor’s dad.

The costume creativity was just as strong. Kids went from car to car dressed as firemen, witches, cats, and even a UPS driver. A lobster and several unicorns made their way around to grab some tasty candy, while a mad scientist, a gladiator, and a cupcake raced Hot Wheels cars down the track.

By the end of the event, kids had gathered a ton of candy, made new friends, and shown off their costumes. Parents, meanwhile, had the chance to stretch their creative muscles and compete to see who had the best trunk. The competition, of course, was entirely friendly - and the real winners, it seemed, were the smiling kids celebrating Halloween at Memorial School.

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