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A scary good time at the UCC

By Madison Butkus

Hometown Weekly Reporter

Little one’s got to wear their costumes a couple days early this year and participate in a Trunk or Treat event located at The Congregational Church of Needham, UCC. This past Saturday, October 28th, thirteen cars filled the parking lot of the UCC to hand out candy and show off their amazingly decorated trunks! 

Families and friends gathered together, sporting their best Halloween costumes in pure excitement to get some early trick-or-treating in. All of the thirteen cars in attendance had different themes to them, anywhere from spooky to movie themed. 

One of the cars was Cub Scouts themed, in hopes to get some kiddos interested in joining their group in Needham. Another trunk was decked out in all things outer space, as those with this car dressed up as Guardians of the Galaxy movie characters. Perhaps the most popular trunk was the carnival themed trunk, which even included some fun games for the children in attendance to play. The two scariest trunks had creepy skeletons coming out of them, one of which was even put behind bars with chains around his wrists.  

No matter which trunk was your favorite, there was certainly an endless amount of candy to go around. There was also a large Halloween inflatable on site that acted as the perfect place to take a picture. 

Welcoming people into the event was UCC Staff Member, Carl Madsen. When talking with him about this Trunk or Treat event, he mentioned, “This is the Congregational Church Trunk or Treat event and we have been doing this for a number of years. It is mostly to engage the community. It is not just a Church event, obviously. Most people with the trunks are Church people, but most of the people who visit us are from the community. So we really like to reach out to everyone and just have a good time. That is really what it is all about. It is also not a fundraiser, we do take donations if anybody wants to but overall it is a completely free event. We really lucked out with this beautiful day and we are hoping for another great turnout just like last year. We had missed a couple of years with Covid but we brought it back last year and again this year since people really seem to enjoy it.” 

Unlike the previous rainy weekend weather, this Saturday afternoon could not have been more perfect for this type of outdoor event. It can be easily said that many within the community hope the Church will continue this Trunk or Treat event down the road!

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