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MAP Save the Whales club 

The “Save the Whales”  Club at the K-1 MAP site ran sponsored laps (one and a half football field lengths), sold  popcorn, lemonade,  flower and herb seeds, collectible glass plates, whale stuffies and whale  stickers to raise money for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation organization (WDC) in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

For their efforts the children were able to raise and donate more than $698.00 for the whales  and on February 27th bring a 40 foot replica of a right whale named “Delilah” to the Memorial School gym for all the MAP kids enjoyment!

Jen and JJ from WDC brought whale artifacts, explained  the internal organs of a whale and explained the endangerment right whales face to our Medfield kids. The children learned of the dangers the whales face in their environment by container ship accidents, fishing gear entanglements and ocean pollution.

Save the Whales club was run by team teacher Terri Aalto-Lynch and club members included: Tessa Bates, Ian Liu, Maddox Wallace,  Oliver Lee, Oliver Mueller,  Levi Bond,  Rory Townsend,  Troy Sotiriadis, Weston Hulme, Ava Hodgens, Vera Joseph, Fiona Lynch, Aditi Kundu, Corrina Walsh, and Abbie McLaughlin.

Thank you to the MAP Save the Whales Club and all the families who helped to make this event happen!

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