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Crafting gratitude at the MPL

By Riley Fontana

Hometown Weekly Reporter

Gratitude, the expression of thankfulness, takes center stage at the Medfield Public Library (MPL) as it endeavors to assist patrons in cultivating more gratitude in the approaching new year. The library recently conducted a workshop dedicated to crafting gratitude journals for the year 2024. Recognizing the pivotal role of gratitude in promoting a positive mindset, these journals serve as a dedicated space for patrons to engage in reflective practices.

The journals provide a platform for patrons to contemplate and document at least one thing they are thankful for each day. This practice is designed to help individuals focus on the positive aspects of daily life, steering clear of negativity. Organized with sections for every week of the year, the journals afford each person ample space for personal expression through writing and decoration.

The creation of these gratitude journals marked the initial step in fostering gratefulness and reflection. Participants embarked on building their journals from scratch, involving the selection of cover materials, folding pages, threading their journals, and personalizing them through decoration. The diverse outcomes of the journals prompted reflections within the crowd as attendees appreciated and acknowledged the uniqueness of each creation.

All necessary materials for crafting the journals were generously provided by the library, and Bri Ozanne, the adult service and programming librarian, offered guidance and instructions. Items such as colored paper, markers, stickers, crayons, and scrapbook paper were made available to facilitate the creative process. This event marked the library's second hosting, and some patrons brought journals crafted in the previous year to share. Participants with prior experience in the project or those who had adapted it to suit their preferences eagerly shared how it had contributed to their happiness and routine throughout the year.

Beyond departing with newly crafted journals, each patron left with the knowledge and skills to create journals independently, appreciating the sense of community fostered by the Medfield Library. The event provided a platform for individuals to engage in conversations, share advice, and recount stories from their year in review. A community centered around gratitude emerged, with attendees discussing their plans for the upcoming new year.

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