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On coverage of the Medfield rally

I was so surprised and disappointed to pull the paper out of my mailbox today and look through the pictures of Sunday's rally in Medfield. It is beyond my comprehension why there would be no pictures of Black, Brown, or People of Color. They were certainly there that day, and the rest of us were there in supporting roles. In particular, the 4 or 5 young ladies who led us in a march, spoke to the crowd, and then led the 8:46 of silence were phenomenal. My 11 year old daughter said, "they are so strong and brave!" And what a powerful picture that would have been, to highlight a town in which the majority of residents are white, following, supporting, and standing with these young women in this important cause.

I respectfully have to say that the paper missed the mark by a large margin on this one. This is the time to spread the message that Black Lives Matter. It's hard enough to grow up as a person of color in a mostly white community, but to do something so newsworthy, to put themselves out there, and have the local paper cover it the way it did... frustrating, disappointing, exhausting.

I did hear that a feature story is in the works about the girls, and I hope that is true if they are interested. However, the first paper delivered after such an amazing day should have had a picture on the front page! And, several more on the inside as well. That is what our world needs now - they are our future!


Meghan Jackson

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