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Youth baseball suspended following COVID spike

On July 31, the Dover Board of Health (BOH) issued an update on its current COVID-19 situation. As of then, there had been one new confirmed case of COVID-19 in Dover.

There had also been three new confirmed cases and approximately 20-25 “probable cases” reported in Sherborn.

In the update, the BOH announced a one-week suspension of the Dover Sherborn Youth Baseball and Softball summer program. Among the new cases were individuals around the age of those participating in the sports program - though none confirmed among participants. Out of an abundance of caution, the Dover Board of Health and the public health nurse decided to suspend the program in order to conduct thorough contact tracing for both towns.

The public health nurse is reaching out to all close contacts as quickly as possible. These close contacts are asked to quarantine for 14 days so that they do not spread the virus.

With cases back on the rise, residents are encouraged to continue taking proper precautions. Masks should always be worn in public and when individuals cannot social distance properly. Those with even mild COVID-19 symptoms should seek testing avoid contact with others while waiting for the results. Social gathering with different households should be limited and include proper social distancing and hand-washing.

The update posted by the Dover Board of Health can be found here.

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