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Vision-boarding arrives at the DTL

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Staff

Chances are you’ve heard of manifesting, or envisioning and creating your ideal reality. Wishes and dreams were being further developed as the Dover Town Library (DTL) hosted a vision board-making event on Thursday afternoon, July 14.

YA Librarian and Library Assistant Liam O’Keefe flips through for the perfect photos. 

Storyteller and musician Mary Jo Maichack has over three decades of arts experience. In recent years, she has been inspired to craft. Maichack uses vision-boarding as a tool for everyone to decompress and figure out what it is they want out of their respective futures.

Maichack and Library Assistant/Young Adult Librarian Liam O’Keefe repurposed older magazines as part of the project. Scissors, glue, poster board, paper, and colored pencils were all supplied so everyone could take time to reflect and use creativity to focus on this special project.

Children and adults gathered stacks of magazines for inspiration. Dreams of owning homes and pets, having a flourishing career, or simply just some yummy food all sparked creativity. Magazine clippings were pasted to sturdy posterboard in hopes that the board will serve as a daily reminder to hang on to goals -- and remain open when it comes to embracing new challenges or opportunities that just may change your life. 

Christopher uses his drawing skills to connect his interests in a treasure map. 

Maichack hopes the project gives clarity and inspires creativity in the library patrons who dropped in for the program. “It’s a powerful tool for helping people think of what they really want. Especially at the pandemic, wherever you are at in your life. Make it more concrete. Let some of these images call to you, basically make collages for figuring out what you want in your future and how to get there.” 

O’Keefe also reminded that the summer reading program is still going strong. Events such as this yield one virtual raffle ticket entry. There are currently four baskets for raffle, all themed for different summer interests -- such as video games and specialty foods. 

More information on summer reading programs and events is available through

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