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Sherborn Library hosts Trunk or Treat

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Staff

With Halloween right around the corner, children are looking for opportunities to celebrate early -- and the Friends of the Sherborn Library and Sherborn Library Children's Programming Committee were recently glad to oblige. 

Costumes prepared and treat buckets at the ready, kids and families headed to Pine Hill Elementary in search of treats and a lot of fun at the annual Trunk or Treat event, hosted by the Friends of the Sherborn Library over the weekend of October 22.

The event invites costumed children to trick-or-treat through a parking lot filled with open-trunked cars creatively decorated and staffed by community volunteers. 

“It was so popular last year. We plan to keep it up. This year we knew what to expect. It’s an outdoor event, so people feel comfortable,” explained Sherborn Library Children's Programming Committee member Becca Hammond. The outdoor venue is especially perfect for the post-COVID era -- but it also provides an ideal intermediate step for children who have yet to experience the full-fledged trick-or-treating experience.

“A lot of people are bringing younger kids who don’t trick-or-treat on Halloween night, or were born during COVID [and] who have maybe never been trick-or-treating," said Hammond. "It’s a nice introduction for them; we’re really excited about it.” 

Over twenty-five volunteers decorated their vehicles with spiderwebs, gravestones, and all things ghostly for the return of Trunk or Treat. Cars decorated like monsters and pirate ships (and so much more) battled for a chance to be voted the best Trunk or Treat car of 2022. 

Kids laughed and traded candy, volunteers exchanged friendly greetings, and the spirit of Halloween permeated the entire affair.

For the children and families in attendance, it was a day to remember.

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