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Santa with a side of pancakes

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By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

On Saturday, December 14, The Dover Mother Association hosted its annual holiday pancake breakfast at the Dover Church, giving the community a healthy dose of Santa, sweets and holiday magic.

Families took seats at tables, many finding spots with friends. One of the volunteering waitresses or waiters came over as soon as they sat down to take orders. “Would you like some pancakes?” asked one waitress. A child nodded eagerly before a couple of hot pancakes were placed on his plate.

As soon as they got their pancakes, kids and their parents went to the topping bar to pick out which toppings they wanted. There, guests were greeted by the sight of warming blueberry and strawberry syrups, small cups of chocolate syrup (alongside cups of chocolate chips, for the truly indulgent), and the classic maple syrup. At the end of the topping bar were butter and cans of whipped cream. “Do you think that’s enough?” one kid asked after putting a tower of whipped cream on his pancakes.

“I think you’re good,” his mom said with a laugh. Another girl ran up after already eating half of her pancakes.

“I want more blueberry syrup!” she said to her mom as she began pouring the purple syrup all over the pancakes.

As they enjoyed their meals, carolers from Dover-Sherborn High School appeared at the front of the stage. Though the music was beautiful, it couldn’t distract children from the main event: Santa Claus. “Hey kids, do you know who’s here?” asked one adult, briefly taking over the microphone. Kids who were once sitting their seats calmly were now hopping with excitement, pancakes and music completely forgotten.

Santa Claus appeared out of a side door and took his seat next to the stage. A line quickly formed, filled with children and parents excited to see the big guy. For many children, this was the first time they had ever met Santa Claus and they were very nervous, staying completely silent. Despite their nerves, every child happily accepted a peppermint candy cane and returned to their table.

By the end of the breakfast, most parents struggled to herd their happy children out of the church. “I think we’re having a bit of a sugar high,” joked one mom before running to get her children out of the building. Despite the number of hyperactive children, families left with full stomachs - and a glimpse of Christmas magic.

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